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Extremely user friendly and power efficient temperature controlled storage solutions from -60ºC to +30ºC 


ArcticStores - SuperStores
ArcticBlast - UltraFreezers

Extremely user friendly - Super power efficient
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10ft, 20ft and 40ft ArcticStore reefer containers are superior portable cold rooms. They are available for short and long term hire from our depots in New Zealand. Our refrigerated containers are hygienic and 100% suitable for food and pharmaceutical storage with food grade stainless steel interior panels.


With chilled and deep freeze settings all our reefers are suitable for fresh or frozen foodstuffs, prepared food products, pharmaceticals, catering and beverages and they are the perfect reefer container for portable cold storage solutions for festivals or events. Our refrigerated container cold stores are also highly appreciated for their user friendliness by many supermarket chains, outlets, industrial caterers, manufacturers and producers, growers and pharmaceutical companies and daires.


The operating range for 380/440V models is from minus 40ºC to plus 30ºC. Our all new rental reefers feature very power efficient refrigeration; saving many $'s on your power bills. We also have a very limited fleet of single phase 220/240V options.


The ArcticStore cold storage reefer containers can also be used to kill infestations in your furniture, clothes, bed linen, curtains, carpets and even cars. They are also used for cold testing components. Brochures



Arctic SuperStore - Unlimited cold storage space! TITAN's own designed "build together" ISO container modular cold rooms. Open plan hygienic storage space without the limitations of container width. Brochures


ArcticBlast - Rapid chilling and Fast freezing! 20ft and 40ft containers with respectively 2 and upto 5 machines mounted in the side wall to deliver maximum chilling or freezing effect. Portable or temporary blast freezing and rapid chilling suitable for fish, meat, fruit and vegetables as well as prepared meals.  Brochures



Arctic UltraFreezer - minus 40ºC to minus 65ºC cold storage space! Perfect for the storage of especially Tuna but have also some applications in the dairy and pharma industries. Brochures