rent or hire refrigerated containers and

mobile cold stores in New Zealand

purpose built - very user friendly - extremely cost effective!  

Refrigerated storage solutions using TITAN's ArcticStore range of portable cold stores and cold rooms provide the best possible storage solutions for all types of produce and goods and with lower power bills

Are you using or normally being supplied with something less than?

Very modern rental refrigerated container fleet:

At under 2 years average age, TITAN's refrigerated storage containers, ArcticStores, are purpose designed and built for reefer storage.

TITAN has invested more than NZ$ 40 million over the past years and continue to invest in additional equipment to meet customer and market demands. Temperature range -40oC to +30oC is standard on the majority of our products. Alternative temperatures are also possible.

Arctic SuperStore cold rooms

Where more space than containers offer is required our SuperStore models provide the most flexible solution available.

As with all our products user friendliness, hygiene and good economy have all been taken into consideration. The Arctic SuperStore cold room is superior to typical extra wide, or wide body, cold storage solutions. Floor strength permits motorized pallet lifter and even fork truck operations.

Major power savings with 380/440V refrigeration

Are realised through excellent insulation values, low air leakage and new refrigeration technology.

Our tests comparing new. with typical older used containers, gave power savings of between 40-80% depending upon temperature setting with typical average power consumption of 1.25-2.00 KW/hour at -24oC and 1.50-2.75 KW/hour at chill temperatures in ArcticStore type containers. Major NZ$ savings compared with older equipment.

Don't have 3 phase power?

We can deliver locally supplied single phase refrigeration where 3 phase power is not available.

Please note the performance and temperature ranges of single phase refrigeration can be different to our published data that is based upon traditional 3 phase marine type refrigeration.

Single phase refrigeration is available in TITAN's 10', 20' and 40' ArcticStore refrigerated containers as well as in 20ft and 40ft Arctic SuperStore cold rooms.

Food grade stainless steel hygiene - clean storage

Is guaranteed through food grade stainless steel internal panels and aluminium floors. Design and construction meets with all international standards and FDA requirements.

All types have been thermally mapped by pharmaceutical & drug companies as well as by the food sector. Since 2007 all models have included in-built data logger.

Fresh air exchange, controlled and modified atmosphere containers for fruits and vegetables:

ArcticStores have as standard the ability to set the % of hourly fresh air exchange to remove the quality damaging gases released by ripening fruit.

Further the refrigeration plant has a controlled atmosphere add on (not standard) facility.