New 10' - 8' - 6' super-hi storage containers
for Hire & Sale in New Zealand

Our brand new family of small storage containers available for sale and hire.

These small storage containers feature:

  • Factory fitted lockbox
  • Door handle height suiting ground operation
  • Environmentally friendly bamboo floors
  • Normal container ventilation and lashing points
  • 10' HC container is CSC plated

These 6' and 8' containers are approximately one foot higher than normal small containers - more room and the 6' container has an internal height of 6' 8"!

These containers are particularly suitable for the storage of smaller volumes of goods or in inner city areas where space is at a premium. Transport costs are also normally much lower for small containers.

See the dimensions

Are you moving from a small home or relocating a small business?

These containers can be hired 1-way with pick up or delivery in one state and return/collection in another.